Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Letting Jesus into my heart

Hello my fellow parish.. welcome to my first posting on my blog.. this is Jesus time!!!!

This Thanksgiving weekend, I have learned a very important lesson.. to let Jesus (is it pronounced "Hey Zeus?") into my heart and home! (Like a begging homeless man?) It was time, I just felt it was right. I mean the convincing arguments that were provided to me about science proving that there is a God (Creation Science.. is that really science?) And how the name of Jesus has provided super powers to ordinary men to defeat the supernatural evil beings that possess the bodies of today's heretics (or Humanists as they like to call them now).

There is also the case where Sarah Palin is clearly the smartest person running in this election (Joe Six-Pack). Heaven forbid (does that count as swearing, I'm new to this and I don't want any swearing out of my mouth that might give the demons power), that damn Muslim (Obama is Muslim?) gets into office. That would just be the end of this fine Christian society (wait, I thought we were multicultural?)

I am Canadian though, so I suppose I should be voting Conservative, or maybe Christian Heritage Party. I'm not sure, it's all so confusing for me. I mean I am just a new born now, am I even legal to vote, because technically I am only one day old in my new Christian like form.

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