Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I kissed a girl and I .... PUKED!!!

Shame Shame Shame!!! Young Katy used to be such a wonderful Christian singer, who was raised by wonderful Christian parents (her dad is a devoted loving pastor). But then the Devil got to her, Hollywood got to her. Now she is corrupted, kissing girls, singing about it. I bet you it all has to do with that boyfriend of hers. That rapper. Rappers are bad news my friend, singing their devils music. He has corrupted her beyond belief. Kissing a girl? She's A GIRL!!! That is just wrong. She also talks about being at a bar in the song, which just goes to show that drinking and going to clubs just makes you do blasphemous things. We should avoid all this on all levels. Having fun and experimenting is a BIG no no is Gods plan for us. We must not cave into our urges. Our desires are disgusting, disgusting things that do not follow the word of our Lord and Savior. We must take all copies of this song and destroy them in a huge bonfire as we dance around singing 'Halalula Lord!" We should also write hate mail to MTV and Much Music urging them NOT to play the video, as it has homosexual sex going on that just... just... MAKES ME PUKE!!!!! Then we need to do an intervention and exorcism on Katy to bring her back to the Light.. to the Lord. She will be loved once again. She will finally make good music once more!!!

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